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Application Services



In-house embroidery allows for great versatility and composition of your design. We operate multiple Tajima machines, ready for any volume your project needs.

An efficient and quality printing house that caters to your aesthetic and application process, offering a number of printing styles and textures.

Heat Transfer

We are able heat transfer designs on apparel or certain promotional products. Depending on the quantity or stock of items you want and choose can really make it the most cost effective application method.

This application method is great for it’s value as it does not increase cost per each additional color used in a design. This options allows for bigger more vibrant prints.

Products that are printed via sublimation require a longer process but look seamless. This method is also cost efficient when it comes to elaborate designs with a large variety of colors without incurring additional size or color fees. This printing method is great for sports team uniforms.

Tackle Twill

For the true collegiate and rustic aesthetic the Tackle Twill application process is the way to go. Your design will have a clean but light look as it is applied on to products such as a sweater or any heavier outdoor garment.

Design Services

Uniform Program

Working with sporting team programs is something we do regularly, whether it is for school, corporate, cycling, or themed celebration, we’ve done it and we can help. In addition to the uniform selection process our office staff also has an established and efficient processing system that takes care of setting up team fittings, name/number customization, and delivery.


Whether you are launching your first business or looking to keep your clients and market on their toes First Choice can get your the branding solution you are looking for. Our team will consult, design, draft, critique, and make the final marketing product for you based on your needs.

Apparel Catalog

Many clients require a classic catalog to distribute among their internal staff for annual uniform selections. Once your uniforms have been selected with our purchasing team our designer creates a great, clear, appealing visual for your staff and/or customers.

E-mail Campaigns

Look no further than First Choice to help get your product noticed by the masses. We use a well known e-mail marketing platform that allows us to create amazing newsletter and advertisement campaigns to your clientele. It also comes with great reporting and analytic tools.


Keep your brand constantly selling online with our e-commerce platform. Our in-house development and design team can set up your products through an online shop with some customization. Our system is quite robust and we are willing to make whatever your selling strategies internally or externally happen.

Product Fulfillment

If you have current and old product that you are looking to sell, First Choice can also help with that. Whether it’s via catalog order submissions or fulling through an online store we can make it happen. Our processing team is able to to execute a variety of tasks so that you can focus on how your brand thrives.

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