Your logo has been the symbol of business and what regular patrons recognize and remember about it. First Choice takes time to evaluate with our clients the important aspects of the logo to ensure that the route for redesign is right for our client and their markets.


At First Choice, the products are crisp, clean and clear. We want our clients to project that same message as they promote themselves with any type of garment or other promotional product. In the image example above you can see how one logo differentiates from the other in clarity. Strike your viewers with well defined and legible work.



Creating a logo for your business should be a well drawn out process. After all, it is the beacon of your business and should last you as your business continues to thrive. Our process is thorough and well communicated directly between client and designer. Our designers initiate with a design consultation, followed by a series of mock ups, and then prepare print ready designs for our printers and your future use.

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